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Mercedes Benz Service Melbourne

Khoury Spare Parts can perform all required Mercedes Service and Maintenance as per manufacturer log book specifications. We have electronic diagnostic equipment and use only genuine OEM Mercedes Benz new or used parts (depending on price, availability and which part you prefer).

We specialise in the repair and maintenance of most Mercedes Benz vehicles and vans. We guarantee our mechanical work. Appointments are not required, if you have a problem with your car bring it in. We will show you what is wrong and fix it.

Unlike other Mercedes Benz mechanics we have our own parts supply which means we can fix your Mercedes faster and cheaper.

Our Melbourne Mercedes mechanics have extensive training and experience on a wide range of Mercedes Benz cars and vans.

Mercedes Benz Mechanical Repairs in Melbourne

We can perform the common Mercedes repairs including:

• Valve Stem Seals

• Timing Chain Guide, rails, Tensioner

• Starter Motor

• Alternator

• Dash board replacement

• We can also fix or replace all interior issues including:

• Door trim

• Wood panel

• Electric Window regulators and motors

• Switches

• Seat Replacement

• Water pumps

• Fan clutches

• Engine mounts

• Control arm bushings

• Transmission + Driveshaft

• Front Flex Disk will wear at the bolts allowing play

• Idler arm

• Tie rod ends

• Rod bushings

• Mercedes Engine oil leaks

• Power Steering pump leaks

• Water pump failure- overheating

• Faulty relays- poor performance fuel usage

• Air Conditioning problems- warm air when cold air is needed

• Fuel system breakdowns- pump, injectors etc.

• Electrical failures- alternator, starter, battery, various other shorts/opens

• Timing chain/guides- jumped timing problems

• Transmission- slippage or total failure

• Head gasket- overheating, exhaust component damage

Our Mercedes Benz experts can service any and all models.


Contact us on (03) 9308 8677 for all enquiries.



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